Sarah Louise

Sarah is the name and face behind Wild In Love. Sarah is driven by the belief that weddings and events are about the people, time and love shared.

Sarah has never been a big fan of the rules, so here at Wild In Love we do it our way and want to help other people do it their way.  With extensive experience in floristry, Wild In Love was born from her budget savvy, bargain hunting, ‘country girl at heart’ personality with a less-is-more approach. She’s also a smart, logistics and planning geek who loves a challenge, so no idea is too extreme or ambitious. So dream big and lets make those floral masterpieces a reality!

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Our approach

We're for weddings and events that are filled with love, joy and flowers.

Our mission is to share the beauty of floral design and help make your floral dreams a reality whatever they are, whatever your budget. We want everyone to experience events filled to the brim with flowers and not at the expense of your life savings! We focus on your vision, the environment and surrounds to create a seamless design for your event. For us it’s not about extravagance, the number of candlesticks or the size of the centrepieces, it’s about the meaning behind it all and creating a setting that’s uniquely you.

We provide an easy and cost effective service to support couples and corporate clients to create beautiful flower filled settings themselves.

If you’re not the DIYsy type that’s cool, we get it, it’s not for everyone, which is why we also offer a full service option for weddings, events and corporate clients. We’ve got a team of super talented florists that work with you to design something special that truly encapsulates the day you’re dreaming of! You can opt to do some flower arranging yourself or let us take care of it all.

At Wild In Love, we are truly, madly, deeply for flowers, design, innovation and creativity.

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